Professional Heating Equipment Installations

Foley Oil & Propane provides professional home heating system installations to all of our customers throughout the Central New Hampshire region. We bring years of training and expertise to the table. Whether you use heating oil or propane, you can count on Foley Oil & Propane to provide extensive knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. We set ourselves apart from the rest by going above and beyond for our customers. Our technicians are a part of your community and they care about the work they do and how they treat your home and family, as you can tell from our testimonials.


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High-Efficiency Heating Systems

Foley Oil & Propane is pleased to install all types of oil-fired and propane-fired heating equipment. We install a variety of boilers and furnaces from some of the best brands on the market. Our techs know the engineering requirements necessary to ensure that your home has the size, make, and model of heating equipment required.

  • Furnaces
    A furnace heats air, then uses a blower motor to move warmed air throughout the home’s duct system.
  • Boilers
    A boiler heats water, which then flows through a network of pipes in your home. As the water flows through the pipes, it disperses heat throughout the home.

When to Upgrade Your Boiler or Furnace

If your equipment is 15 years old or more, chances are that you need a new one. With increased efficiencies and technological advances, new heating systems are not only a good investment, but they also deliver these benefits:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Lower annual heating bills
  • Safer operation
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns
  • Long-term savings
  • Increased home value

If you have questions about heating installations, please feel free to call (603) 524-1417 or request a quote online.