Heating Oil and Propane Heating System Troubleshooting

With the harsh New Hampshire winters hitting the Lakes Region, many residents put their heating systems through a lot of strain. We want to make sure that, in the event something does go wrong with your heating equipment, you have the resources to help yourself find the problem.

Use the below guides to help evaluate your equipment and take precautionary measures to keep your home or business safe. If you are not able to solve the issue yourself, we will be right here to help you.


What to Do If You Lose Heat

What to Do If You Lose Heat

  • Fuel Tank: Check the gauge to see if you need oil or propane, and if you do, call Foley Oil & Propane immediately at (603) 524-1417.
  • Thermostat: If your tank level isn’t the problem, check your thermostat. Check the batteries, replace if necessary, and make sure your setting is on HEAT and that the cooling function is not on instead. We suggest replacing thermostat batteries before each heating season.
  • Switches: Check that all furnace and emergency switches are on.
  • Reset Button: Press the RESET button on your furnace—ONCE ONLY.

If you’ve performed all of the above steps and you still don’t have heat, call Foley Oil & Propane right away for (603) 524-1417 for assistance.

What to Do If You Smell Propane Gas

  • Immediately put out any smoking materials or open flames.
  • Do not touch or turn on any light switches or appliances, as this can cause a spark. This includes cell phones!
  • Inform other household inhabitants and leave the building immediately.
  • Turn off your main gas supply, if it is safe to do so. To close the valve, turn it to the right (clockwise).
  • Once you are away from your property, report a leak by calling 911 or contacting Foley Oil & Propane right away.
  • ONLY return to the area if a Foley Oil & Propane certified employee, emergency responder, or service technician deems it safe to do so.

How to Read Your Tank Gauge

  • Visit your fuel tank. Most oil tanks are inside, while most propane tanks are outside.
  • For propane tanks, lift the lid on your tank and view the percentage available. Typically, you want to reorder when you get to 30%. This gives your fuel supplier time to get you in the schedule.
  • For fuel oil tanks, check the sight glass on top of the tank. You typically want to reorder at 25% full.

You can order heating oil or propane from Foley Oil & Propane right here on our website or call (603) 524-1417.


How to Read Your Tank Gauge