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Do you need a propane or heating oil delivery in Central New Hampshire? Foley Oil & Propane provides the fuel delivery services that you’ve been looking for! Simply fill out the order form below for easy, convenient online fuel delivery.

Day or night, and no matter the fuel delivery system—be it an aboveground tank or auxiliary fuel tank—we can provide service for you!

When Should You Reorder?

When your home heating oil tank reaches a quarter (¼) of a tank, you should contact us. At this level, you will not risk immediate run-out, but you won’t be ordering needlessly. It’s the perfect order point.

If you do want to order before you reach ¼ of a tank of heating oil, please keep in mind that we do have a minimum requirement for delivery of 125 gallons.

Do You Have Automatic Delivery?

Simplify your life and enroll in automatic fuel delivery. Rather than constantly running up and down stairs to check your heating oil levels and remembering when to place an order, Foley Oil & Propane does it all for you! Take one more thing off of your plate by enrolling today.

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Convenient Payment Plans

You can choose how you pay for fuel with a payment plan from Foley Oil & Propane. Learn about our different options and take control of your home heating payments. Take advantage of pricing options and get rid of unexpected prices.

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