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Heating System Installations

Foley Oil & Propane provides professional home heating system installations to all of our customers throughout Central New Hampshire.

We bring years of training and expertise to the table. Whether you have oil or propane heating systems, we have the extensive knowledge, expertise, and professionalism that set us apart. Our technicians are a part of your community and they care about the work they do and how they treat your home and family, as you can tell from our testimonials.

We want you to know everything that’s happening at every step of the process so that you know your options and stay informed. Our techs know the engineering requirements necessary to ensure that your home has the size, make, and model of heating equipment required.

When Is It Time to Upgrade?

If your equipment is 15 years old or more, chances are that you need a new one. With increased efficiencies and technological advances, new heating systems are not only a good investment, but they can also help to save you money every year on your energy bills.

If you have questions about heating installations, please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

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Contact your friendly, local heating service company, Foley Oil & Propane, to schedule maintenance or non-emergency repairs for your heating equipment right here through our website.

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